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        Thursday, July 19, 2018
Automobile Injury Appeal Commission


Effective June 1, 2008, appeals will continue to be filed, processed and heard without masking personal identities.  Copies of such decisions will be available from the office upon specific request.

However, identities will be masked for purposes of posting to the internet.  Therefore, after written decisions are issued to the parties, the following policy will be applied by Commission staff:

1. For purposes of posting decisions on the internet, Appellant names will be removed from the title page and, if necessary, throughout the document and initials substituted.

2. Commission staff will review decisions and may delete potentially identifying information that is not necessary to the decision. Where deletions are made, "[information]" will be substituted. For example, when the town of residence is deleted, the decision will read: "The Appellant is resident in [town]". Any such changes will require the approval of the Chair or the Manager of Operations.

3. Decisions posted on the internet prior to the implementation of this policy will be revised in accordance with this policy and the revised decision substituted for the decision currently posted.

4. Appropriate software is available and used by others (i.e. CanLII) to prevent a general Google (or other search engine) search from linking names to cases on the website. Similar software will be placed on our website, if possible and if necessary, in light of the changes in this policy.

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